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Has profanity
Michael helps facilitate conflict resolution between Angela and Oscar over Angela's poster. Oscar vehemently dislikes the poster while Angela wants to put it up in her workspace to look at. Michael wants them both to compromise and gives creative ways to do so.
The ring of power must be destroyed in order to prevent the evil Sauron's plan for conquest. However, one must make a difficult journey to do so. An unlikely individual, Frodo, steps up to carry on the burden to return the ring, and other brave contenders agree to go with him.
Sadie says in passing that she wants to sing, but her mom and Steven take it a bit too seriously and do not respect what Sadie actually wants.
After Diane mentioned the guy she's dating seems to be a little light in the wallet, the family decided she should break up with her, but she decided not to break up with him because of other qualities.
Linka and Wheeler argue after their plan to break into Dr. Blight's fortress to rescue Captain Planet fails. Gaia appears and tells them that blaming each other won't solve the problem. The Planeteers resolve to work together and come up with a plan that will work.