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Elmo and cookie monster both love cookies. Elmo is the only one with cookies. Due to an unfortunate situation Elmo's cookies get stolen and now he does not have enough cookies to share. Cookie Monster still wants cookies but Elmo does not have enough to share. Elmo decides to split his cookie and share with Cookie Monster.
Robin explains the sharing economy to the rest of the Teen Titans, as they are unfamiliar with it. He makes sure to show how much money he made through his participation, which entices the other Titans to join. Robin then demonstrates how to participate in the sharing economy: using a smartphone application. Cyborg uses the app to rent out his left arm to Beast Boy.
The kids learn different ways to share when everybody brings a favorite thing to show their friends. This episode promotes that sharing is caring!
Daniel Tiger doesn't want to share his stickers with his little sister, Margaret. Daniel's father explains that giving Margaret a sticker could be fun for the both of them. Daniel decides to share some stickers with Margaret, and he realizes it was more fun than if he had played with them alone.
This clip illustrates how shareholders are involved with the market in regards to trading stocks.