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Gaia teaches The Planeteers about the effects of war on civilians and the environment. They also learn about the dangers of nuclear warcraft.
This clip discusses the origins and evolution of trench warfare and its use in several prominent wars, such as the American Civil War, and World War I. It also explains how the typical trench system was designed during World War I and how the modern day trenchcoat was inspired by a coat made for soldiers in the trenches.
Irish Republican Army recruits fighting in the Irish War of Independence group up and train in guerilla warfare tactics. The more experienced fighters teach the new recruits how to better position themselves when traveling through terrain. They also illustrate to the newer recruits that they are in peril if even a small portion of their body is visible to the enemy.
Forrest tells the story of his time serving in the Vietnam War. He and his unit were searching for the Viet Cong, nicknamed "Charlie," and needed to be cautious of ambushes and other attacks. As Forrest tells his story, he describes the climate and terrain of the country.
A German soldier introduces his comrades in the trench before a battle breaks out with the French. This clip is a strong depiction of trench warfare.