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Skipper, Rico, and Kawalski start to question the migration of the penguin group. While discussing options, a stray egg rolls past and into a dangerous area. Through analyzing and problem solving skills, the penguin team works to save the egg/baby penguin.
In the final court meeting, as Elle questions Chutney, one glaring issue in Chutney's hair care routine becomes obvious. This identification leads to a confession and Elle's first win as a lawyer.
With the fate of the world in their hands, Chester and Flint get creative to solve a problem.
Tip tells Oh to fix her car, but instead he modifies it into a flying car that shoots out bright, neon bubbles and has flashing buttons. Tip learns the new mechanics of her car quickly, adapting to the changes and gets her car running.
When Oh is threatened to be erased from existence, Tip uses logical reasoning and educated guessing to change the gravity of the Eiffel Tower island to save Oh.