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Billy, suffering from entomophobia, finds an odd egg in Grim's trunk. Billy imagines a duck would hatch from such a large egg, but a giant spider who Billy names "Jeff" emerges, freightening him. Jeff visits Billy that night as a fully-grown giant spider, referring to him as "Dad". Although Jeff is mild-mannered and friendly, Billy cares more about the fact that he's a giant spider and wants him "squished."
Cory and Mr. Feeny switch roles for the day; Cory becomes the teacher, and Mr. Feeny becomes the student. Cory's lesson of the day is on prejudice. He shares the story of Anne Frank and explains how her plight exemplifies prejudice.
When Michael Oher, a homeless and tramautized black boy, is adopted into a caring white family, there is a large growing pain experienced by both parties. Leigh Tuohy, Michael's adoptive mother, is appalled and disheartened by the prejudice expressed by her friend circle against him. She rebukes them and distances herself from them for their views. Her daughter, Collins, arrives to a similar perspective and chooses to study with Michael over her friends.
Annalise conducts a cross-examination with the victim's son who holds prejudice against Muslims.
Annalise gives a testimony on her past client, Nate Lahey Sr., who was killed by guards while in prison. While addressing the jury, he defends Nate's character and mentions issues concerning prejudice that are present in the courtroom and prison system.