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After getting caught in what she thinks is a speed trap, an out of towner challenges Andy. She demands to see the justice of the peace and chooses to plead guilty.
A new deputy joining Andy and Barney suggests their manner of enforcing the law is flawed. They aren't meeting quotas nor making arrests pertaining to certain ordinances. Barney, after quitting, asks for his job back, explaining his qualifications and insisting that law enforcement is not about numbers, it's about people.
Barney stands up for himself and his badge to the two farmers who have been illegally selling their produce after being told twice to leave. He talks about how his badge represents his duty to uphold the law.
When an out-of-towner gets into a car accident and his father's lawyers come to the rescue, he decides to follow in Andy's lead and take responsibility for his own mistakes.
Instead of interrogating the suspect, Jake monologues his theory about what happened. The suspect becomes enraged when he gets a detail wrong and confesses to the crime.