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Reggie performs a poem at a club, drawing on his trauma from being racially profiled by a police officer and held at gunpoint.
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As Bill Clinton entered office, he exceeded the tough on crime persona of his predecessors. He builds an infrastructure allowing for brutality, preverse incentives, and abuse by law enforcement with his 1994 crime bill.
Matthew and Jerry walk on their way to find a place to sleep for the night, when two police officers stop them and insist on them staying the night in a shelter. The situation gets violent when Jerry tries to move along, and he is arrested, while Matthew is sent to the shelter.
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Starr is at her friend's house when she sees on the news a plea from the officer's father who shot and killed her friend. This leads to a confrontation with her friends about being caring more for the officer than the victim.
The media is used to represent black leaders as dangerous, internal threats to the nation. White leaders aren't strong, its the inability of the black community too defend themselves from criminalization.