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  • Ask the StoryBots: What Makes Airplanes Fly?

    Listen to the StoryBots' song and learn which 3 things make it possible for planes to fly through the sky!

  • Beakman's World: Airplane Wings

    Beakman explains how airplanes fly due to the shape of the wings. He demos this by having two toy airplanes (one with wings and one without) to show that the wings are required. To demonstrate air pressure and imbalance, he holds a piece of paper and blows over it to show that the paper will lift to correct for the imbalance in air pressure. Beakman uses an animated clip to explain how the shape of the airplane wing causes this air pressure imbalance and creates lift.

  • Hip Hop Harry: Air Air Everywhere

    Harry helps kids to come up with ways to show that air is everywhere. The kids learn that air's all around them. The first way to prove is that creature needs air to breathe and make their bodies work. The second is that smell travels through the air. The third is that when something is falling to the ground, it pushes air out of the way so it can get to the ground, so the air being there is the reason it floats. The fourth is that when people blow air into a bottle it makes music.

  • Boy Meets World: Air Pollution Presentation

    Cory and Shawn present their report on air pollution, in which they contend that the air density affects the performance of baseball teams during home games. This is because the air density affects the speed at which the ball travels through the air. They use the Colorado Rockies and the Philadelphia Phillies as examples: The Rockies average four more home runs per game because Colorado's air is much cleaner than Philadelphia's.

  • Beakman's World: Air Density

    Beakman creates a paper spiral that hangs over a lamp and heats the air by turning the lamp on. When this happens, the hot air is less dense and starts to rise causing the spiral to spin.