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Andy becomes jealous of the new and handsome doctor in town that begins working with his significant other, Ellie. He tries to find ways to get in between the doctor and Ellie, but then finds out that he is already engaged! This clip exemplifies the importance of trust in a relationship.
Aunt Bee and Opie discuss Andy's relationship with Ellie. Aunt Bee explains to Andy that he should take the next steps with her if he really likes her. If he doesn't, he could lose her.
Has profanity
Dinesh is on a date with Mia and they don't have much to talk about at first as Dinesh just copies what Mia want and talks about. Then Dinesh receives a text from Gilfoyle and they start a conversation based on what they have in common; their dislike of Gilfoyle.
Beast Boy and Terra spends a day together traveling and trying new things. They develop skills on how to build a relationship when they visit the amusement park and restaurants.
Has profanity
Will's father leaves again even after talking with Uncle Phil. Will shows his frustration to growing up without his dad.