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Hannah talks with the school counselor and states that she doesn't care about anything and wants everything to stop. He asks her questions to try to identify how she's feeling and the root of the issue.
Andy takes on the role as marriage counselor when a couple in town can't seem to get along.
A counselor advises a couple that their personal information may have been compromised by someone with the online name, "Fear and Loathing." The counselor explains to Cindy how Fear and Loathing could have infected her computer and installed a keylogger through the use of a phishing email or link.
Two parents meet with a genetic counselor to discuss the traits their genetically engineered child will have once it's born. The counselor walks through the traits they have selected and assures them that all "prejudiciously biased traits have been eradicated."
A chartered accountant seeks career advice from a vocational guidance counselor. He is looking for a new, exciting career with growth opportunities. He mentions that he would like to be a lion tamer, and the counselor asks about his experience. The ensuing conversation reveals that he does not actually know what a lion is and mistakes it for an anteater.