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This clip provides a brief overview of the history of alcohol. It mentions some of the civilizations that first produced it. It also explains the chemistry behind alcohol's mind-altering effects and ways in which alcohol has influenced human culture.
This clip explains how drinking alcohol actually makes you drunk. When the molecules that make up alcohol enter your body, they change the chemical makeup and react with different parts of your body that ultimately makes you feel "drunk."
Ross and Rachel are under the influence of alcohol when Joey enters the room. He asks for help convincing his ant twin to cooperate, and Ross volunteers to help. Shortly after, Ross loses balance and asks Joey if he is okay. Ross and Rachel's actions illustrate slower cognitive function and a distorted view of reality.
This clip describes the effects of alcohol on the body at different stages of intake.
Legolas competes with Gimli in a drinking competition, and the last one physically standing wins. After tens of drinks, Legolas feels tingling in his fingers, while Gimli passes out from all of the alcohol.