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George goes on a trip to the desert. There he finds a man with a quite unique style of painting using the resources around him.
Frida Kahlo is known for the masterful self-portraits she made during her turbulent life (1907 - 1954). We are fascinated by Kahlo for good reason. It's impossible to separate her remarkable and tragic life from her work, and she didn't want us to. Her beauty and resilience can make it hard to fully recognize the complexity and importance of the artwork that communicates it. We take a close look at her catalog, and consider what it tells us (and doesn't) about her as a person and her wider body of work.
George repaints SooBerm's painting as her original one was damaged and George has to figure out how SooBerm painted hers first in order to copy it.
From human hands to now-extinct animals, cave art gives us a glimpse into prehistoric life. Who created cave art, and what was its initial purpose? Explore the paintings of Chauvet-Pont d'Arc and Lascaux Grotto, and learn what prehistoric art can tell us about our world thousands of years ago.
Eep's father tells the rest of the family a story about the dangers of curiosity and how it can lead the members of the family to die. He advises them to stay in their normal routine and not to think about anything new. While telling the story, he draws and paints on the walls.