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The Planeteers are going through an obstacle course on Hope Island to keep fit.
Has profanity
This clip explains the health benefits of physical activity and illustrates how it can benefit non-physical aspects of life, such as academic achievement. It also provides examples of exercises you can perform to strengthen certain muscles.
Lowly Worm reminds Huckle Cat that simple activities are exercise too, like walking, carrying groceries, and more. It is important that we fill our days with activities that benefit our physical health.
This clip explains the benefits of playing soccer in real life rather than in a video game.
Has profanity
The Lunch Labbers can’t keep up with Corporal Cup’s exercise regimen. Their muscles are tired. Fizzy decides to teach everyone about the importance of protein. They visit Sully the Cell as he introduces us to a muscle fiber and teaches about the benefits of lean protein.