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Jane expresses concerns about her obligations during her sister's wedding, and Kevin helps her practice saying no.
When asked to go on a date, Will politely declines and ends up explaining why.
The Doctor stands up to a villan who has possessed his spacecraft by pointing out that his TARDIS, which is now trapped in a human body, is here to take her place back.
When Thanos gets his hands on all of the infinity stones, the Avengers decide they have to go after him.
Everyone is outside getting ready to say their goodbyes to Boss Baby. Boss Baby first says goodbye to his coworker, Staci, giving her a lollipop. It shows that Staci really cares and admires Boss Baby. Then he says farewell to the triplets who will always stay loyal to Boss Baby no matter what. Boss Baby moves to Jimbo, who gets really emotional after Boss Baby gives him a cookie as a reward for his work. Last but not least, Boss Baby says his goodbyes to Tim, who in the beginning was his worst enemy but is now his best friend and the person to whom saying goodbye was the hardest.