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Beakman explains the different types of robots and how they are used. He shows different video clips of the various types of robots in action. He stresses the point that they can't entirely replace humans.
Has profanity
Detective Spooner tries to interrogate Sonny, a robot, to find out why he murdered his creator, Alfred Lanning. Spooner challenges Sonny's claims that robots can feel emotions and dreams; however, Sonny appears to convince him otherwise as the conversation progresses. Sonny then reveals that Lanning had asked him for a favor. As Lanning is someone he loves, Sonny felt obliged to do what was asked of him.
Sheldon "turns himself" into a robot and asks Leonard to take him to work. He mentions the benefits of his new self, which include showing various forms of media and not being susceptible to the same threats as Leonard.
Grim gets Billy and Mandy into a theme park attraction called "The World of the Future" that is closed. When inside, Grim turn on the attraction and Sassy Cat, the cartoon character on which the theme park is based appears on a screen and narrates a future that runs on robot labor.
Engineers look at Sarah Robles arm as she weightlifts to design robotic arms that can mimic human hands and arms.