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When a group of kids get trapped inside a video game as their favorite characters, they have to figure out how to get out.
Beakman explains that a video game is a version of a computer. He goes over all of the computer components and then to show how this all works, they do a skit. In the skit, they have to give the exact program code to Lester (aka computer) to be able to do the action they want.
When Sonic meets Mr. Eggman they exchange some snide remarks before battling one another.
Meemaw gets Sheldon a new video game as a present, and Sheldon expresses that he's uninterested. Meemaw says she'll play by herself, and Sheldon out the juxtaposition that an old person (Meemaw) is using new technology.
PTA meeting by Dr. Timothy Keene to let parents know video games are pure evil and should be banned without much evidence.