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  • Beakman's World: Toilets and Gravity

    Beakman explains who made the toilet and then shows a cross-section of a toilet to show the inside. Then he uses colored water to show how gravity pushes the waste out of the toilet into the drain. He then shows how the back tank of the toilet works with valves and gravity to push the water in the toilet bowl down into the drain.

  • The Abyss: Submarine Explosion

    After a submarine chase, Lt. Coffey's submarine falls off a cliff and goes deeper into the abyss. His vehicle implodes due to the intesity of the water pressure.

  • Beakman's World: The Water Multiplying Machine

    Phoebe tricks Lester into thinking she created a water multiplying machine. In reality, she creates a siphon that causes the water stored in a bottle to flow out due to water pressure.

  • U-571: U-Boat Attack

    German soldiers are in a U-Boat and are being attacked by depth charges. They decide to surface after suffering numerous blows and the loss of several crew members.

  • Seinfeld: Black Market Showerhead

    The landlord changes the showerheads in all of the apartments, leaving Kramer, Jerry, and Newman with low pressure water. They turn to the black market to get the water pressure they need for a good shower.