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While attempting to escape animal control officers, the Madagascar animal team works together to face and solve problems.
In a quest to find a potion to help him with Fiona, Shrek leads the team to a Potions Factory. As a team, Shrek, Donkey, and Puss in Boots need to get the correct potion and escape in time.
While at a party with the lemus, Alex starts to see everyone in the wild as steaks due to hunger. King Julien and Maurice help to explain that Alex is acting that way because it is natural in the wild for lions to eat zebras. The two later work to prevent Marty from being eaten.
On an adventure to find the North Pole, Roo decides to go swimming. But, soon after jumping in, Roo runs into trouble and the group needs to work together to ensure his safety.
Once the toys realize that they will have to go to Al's Toy Barn to save Woody, they devise a plan to cross the road(s) safely.