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  • The Simpsons: Numbered Doors

    Bart is running away from a group of kids from the neighboring town, Shelbyville. He enters a tiger feeding area and needs to exit through door number 7 to escape; otherwise, he'll encounter a man-eating tiger. However, the doors are labeled in roman numerals, and he doesn't know roman numerals. He uses his knowledge of Rocky movies to figure out the correct door to open.

  • Pi: Fibonacci Sequence

    The applicability of numbers is everywhere, and a deeper meaning of them can be found in the Torah. The ancient Jews used Hebrew as their numerical system. Maximillian Cohen then goes on to describe the golden ratio and Fibonacci Sequence.

  • Numb3rs: Thirteen

    In this clip, a serial killer is choosing his victims from the Los Angeles phone book based on a system of beliefs rooted in numerology. Numerologists believe that numbers have a spiritual or mystical meaning that transcends what mathemeticians and scientists understand. Charlie is forced to learn about these beliefs, and determine what mathematical patterns the killer is using in order to predict the next victim.