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Eddy gets a zit, which Double D tells him is a natural part of growing up. Eddy is embarrassed about it and tries to hide from the other kids. Ed finds the zit funny and gets Johnny to come over and see it, to Eddy's dismay.
Rudy compares her pubescent body to those of her classmates and worries that she will not go through puberty.
Ginger and her classmates learn about the changes their bodies go through during puberty.
On a family trip to Cuba, Grampa Simpson becomes depressed and unwilling to partake in activities. He cheers up when he spots an old American car from his times and goes for a ride in it with a native Cuban. Both during and after the ride, Grampa feels reinvigorated and connected with his youth. The Cuban resident references a study conducted by Ellen Langer in which seniors felt young again once exposed to objects from their youth.
Beakman talks about how humans grow from fertilization on covering some information about puberty and height.