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Sherlock visits Barry Berwick in jail to interview him about the murder. Barry tells the story to Sherlock, and Sherlock corrects his grammar throughout their conversation, as Barry is using the incorrect forms of various verbs.
Two rappers compete in a rap battle, and M.C. Grammar cleverly fits in grammar corrections and lessons in a way that complements the song.
In this opening of Chibi Maruko in Spanish, the main characters sing and encourage the viewer to dance with them.
Jacob's grandpa told him a spooky story about a group of preculiar children with special power. They had to hide in order not to be discovered by others. Jacob became rather interested, and he was curious to learn more about them.
Every new student of Hogwarts is lead by Professor McGonagall, and Professor Dumbledore will give a speech regarding some school rules of Hogwarts.