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  • Newton's Apple: Virtual Reality

    Ben DeLaney describes virtual reality and explains the fundamentals of how it works. He showcases several virtual reality applications and provides use cases for the technology to show how powerful it can be. While this clip depicts some outdated technology, the fundamentals of how virtual reality works are still relevant today.

  • Avatar: Jake Becomes an Avatar

    Jake participates in the Avatar Program, which enables humans to explore the remote environment of Pandora. He is able to control his avatar as if he were physically in the environment himself. He is able to experience all of the feelings that his avatar experiences, as there is a whole-body remote neural interface linking his human body and the avatar body. This clip depicts an extremely advanced (and currently unrealistic) form of virtual reality.

  • Rick and Morty: The Simulated Universe

    Rick and Morty ditch their responsibilities and spend some time at Blips and Chits. While there, they play Roy, a virtual reality simulation game in which you play as a person named Roy, who lives a totally normal life.