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  • Beakman's World: Worm Facts

    Phoebe explains what worms are and interesting facts about worms including different types of worms.

  • Interstellar: Wormhole Explanation

    Romilly uses a piece of paper to explain a wormhole in 2D and 3D space to Cooper.

  • Hackers: The Worm

    Dade and his friends discover that the Da Vinci virus is a worm performing financial fraud through salami slicing, also known as penny shaving.

  • Cyberchase: Pick a Worm, Win a Hat

    While Matt, Inez, and Jackie are searching for Digit, they come across a shop owner and play a game involving worms and hats. Each player chooses a color worm, and one of the players, Jackie, picks a worm from a bag to determine the winner. Lucky, who also works at the shop, ends up winning, and the trio believes the game is not fair. The shop owner explains that it is indeed fair because of probabilities.

  • Maths Mansion: Covering the Worms

    Sad Man presents us with six little worms that are trying to sleep but are cold because they don't have a bedspread. He poses a problem: how much cloth will need to be cut to sufficiently cover the worms? He walks through solving this area problem and explains each step of the process.