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Vee and Ian are in the final round of Nerve, a dare game in which they can either be an anonymous watcher or a player. They have to participate in the dares that the watchers create for them, and the final dare is to shoot the other player first. Another player joins the fray, and the majority of the anonymous watchers vote for him to shoot Vee. Vee makes the watchers aware that they are responsible for what happens in the game even if they are only watching.
Each member of the audience at Derren Brown's show is wearing a mask to protect their identity, and Chris is the victim of the audience's decisions. Dave, a cast member, smashes valuable electronics in Chris' house because the audience voted for it. Next, the audience can vote for Chris to either win a cash prize or be kidnapped, and it votes for the kidnapping. During both events, the audience is excited and enjoys the things happening to Chris until he gets hit by a car, at which point they learn the valuable lesson that anyone is susceptible to deindividuation.