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  • Cyberchase: No Water, No Reason

    The residents of Sensible Flats have no more water in their resevoir and are trying to discover why the water levels have declined. The CyberSquad asks for historical records of the water level, and Rudy provides records of the last 25 days to the group. Inez, Matt, and Jackie think about how to use the dates to tell a story and decide that graphing the water levels day-by-day would work. The CyberSquad creates a line graph on the side of the tank and explains how to read the graph to the residents.

  • Numb3rs: Centroid Method

    In the clip, Charlie plots the bombing locations on a map and is able to find the "center" of those points, which is the most likely place the bomber would choose as a base of operations. There are many geometric notions of center of a collection of points in the plane. One obvious one is the point which minimizes the sums of distance from that point to all others. Unfortunately, such a point is often difficult or impossible to find explicitly. This is because the distance between two points involves a square roots, which are difficult functions to analyze.