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  • Cyberchase: Building the Boat

    The CyberSquad creates a boat that is one-tenth the size of the giant's boat so that it can successfully navigate the waters to the portal. The group's first attempt at building the boat fails, as each part came from a different size scale model. The gang uses blades of grass as rulers and finds boat parts with the correct dimensions to create a properly-sized boat.

  • Cyberchase: Determining the Scale

    The CyberSquad's only way out of a giant room is the keyhole. In order to reach the keyhole, they need to determine the length of the rope that will bring them to it. They learn that objects in this world are ten times bigger than objects in their own world, and they use that knowledge to estimate how far away the keyhole is.

  • The Simpsons: King Size Homer on a Scale

    While trying to exceed 300 pounds so he can be on disability, Homer finds out that a scale only reads the normal force which is sometimes not equal to the weight.

  • Seinfeld: Foundation

    Kramer brags to Jerry that he's taken up Karate and is dominating his dojo. Jerry discovers that Kramer is in a class of 6-year-old children. This illustrates the idea that sometimes size and scale are important. If you're the biggest kid on the block, you might have a competitive advantage.

  • Landscape of Geometry: Right Triangles of Any Size

    David Stringer explains ancient Pythagoras' findings about right triangles. He illustrates the Pythagorean Theorem and explains how special right triangles with the ratio 3:4:5 can be scaled up to any size.