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  • Square One Television: Averages

    Square One TV illustrates the concept of averages and how to find them. The three characters must find the average number of books they should be carrying.

  • Square One Television: Finding the Average Snowfall

    A weatherman and the building's security guard team up to figure out the average snowfall on a roof.

  • Square One Television: American Blandstand

    In judging a music competition, the group must add up and average the scores of each record.

  • PBS Math Club: Finding the Mean

    In this clip, the Math Club find the mean or average of a data set.

  • Cyberchase: Reconstructing the Hearts

    In order to make progress toward finding Hacker's time machine, Matt, Inez, and Jackie must help a gnome determine how many rocks were used to create a stone heart. The hearts were broken down into five piles of rocks. They count the number of rocks in each pile and choose the number that occurs most frequently as the answer.