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  • Cyberchase: Stump Growth Rate

    The CyberSquad wants to take the stump that is growing the fastest in order to escape Hacker and his henchmen. They determine the growth rate of each stump and decide to take the green one because it is growing at twice the rate of the orange stump.

  • Inside Job: Investment Grade Ratings

    Has profanity
    Jerome Fons the former managing director of Moody's rating agency explains how major companies had high investment grade rating even in Financial Crisis.

  • Crash Course: Economics: Exchange Rates

    Jacob and Adriene explain how exchange rates affect the greater macroeconomic climate through imports and exports. They explore what countries do to influence the exchange rate and the implications of exchange rates on consumers.

  • Black Mirror: Human Rating System

    Enlightenment philosopher Jeremy Bentham famously theorized that, with his Panopticon device, people could be controlled because they would believe they are being observed. In this dystopia, people are rated by peers and are therefore never off, never anonymous, and always observed.

  • EuroTrip: Gotta Love That Exchange Rate

    Scott and his friends pool their remaining money together and count a total of 1.83 USD. They purchase royal treatment because of a favorable exchange rate.