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  • Square One Television: Using a Ruler

    After making an error in their initial measurements an engineer teaches us the correct way to measure with rulers.

  • Cyberchase: Measuring the Squares

    Gollywood stars Brittany and Mary Pat, also known as The Wholesome Twins, are arguing over the size of their squares etched in the floor. Mary Pat accuses Brittany of making her square bigger, and the CyberSquad steps in to check if her claim is true. Brittany shows the squad how she measured the size of the square, and she started at the 1 inch mark instead of the 0 inch mark. After Matt, Inez, and Jackie explain that she needs to start any measurement at the 0 inch mark, they measure both squares again and find them to be the same size.

  • Beakman's World: Hammer and Ruler Challenge

    Beakman challenge: use a hammer to break a ruler without holding the ruler. When Lester tries the first time, the ruler flips off the table. Beakman lays two pieces of newspaper on the end of the ruler and now the ruler breaks. Beakman explains this is because of air resistance. Without the paper, the ruler didn't have much to resist but with the paper, it has to push that paper away too and since you hit it so fast with the hammer, it doesn't have time and it breaks.

  • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: Continue Reading

    Biases are ingrained at an early age. In this example, the grandfather tries to hone in the message that there are no nice Jews; the objective of the Jews is to become the ruler of humanity- they are not creative but destructive.

  • Sid the Science Kid: How Many Geralds

    The students learn that they are able to be a little more creative with their measuring tools. Instead of simply using rulers, they begin to think of nonstandard measuring tools.