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  • Seinfeld: Miss America Contestant

    Has profanity
    While at dinner, Kramer asks a Miss America contestant what she would do to make the world a better place. She says that she would try to end world hunger. "If everyone ate one meal less, there would be enough food to feed the world." Jerry says that's one "helluva plan." This is an example of unsound economic reasoning: the misconception that for others to have more, we must take less.

  • The Princess Bride: The Battle of Wits

    The Man in Black challenges Vizzini to a battle of wits in which he puts poison in a cup and asks Vizzini to guess which cup has the poison. Vizzini explains his thought process as he comes to a decision.

  • Cyberchase: The Importance of Zero

    Mr. Z is trying to take all of the zeros away with him. Jackie, Matt, Inez, and Digit discover that zero has meaning just like any other number. They use real-world examples, such as telling time or taking an elevator to the 10th floor, to show what will not be possible without zero. On their search for Mr. Z, they note that the cars on a highway are traveling very slowly because the zero from the original speed limit, 60, disappeared.

  • Arrival: It's a Non-zero-sum Game

    Louise's daughter asks her for the technical term of a deal in which both sides can win, and Louise does not recall the term at the time. Louise's team has a discussion about their findings on alien data, and they realize that there are 12 total groups, each with a different set of data. They will need to share data with the other groups in order to obtain the full set of data, which they determine is a non-zero-sum game. Louise then recalls the technical term for a win-win situation and relays it to her daughter.

  • The Simpsons: Zero Gravity Ride

    Homer and Bart rent the entire Zero G plane, this scene contains great demonstration of Newton's Third Law.