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Eddie and Carl have a passive-aggressive conversation about their work, and Eddie demonstrates how the pill he took made him acutely aware of his surroundings. During the conversation, he predicts that a van will rear-end a taxi based on its current speed and the distance between the two vehicles.
The CyberSquad attempts to determine who has the fastest broom. The members decide to make each person travel for five seconds on his/her broom and record the distance traveled within that time period to find the answer.
Has profanity
After determining which broom is the fastest, the CyberSquad needs to find out the speed of each broom in order to make it on TV. They measure the distance that each broom travels in five seconds and calculate the speed per second based on their measurements. Digit uses the Squak Pad to illustrate how they arrived to the solution.
The CyberSquad knows the directions and distances they need to travel to reach the finish line. When they draw out the path, they find a shortcut. Using Creech's fishing line, which is marked up in cyber miles, they determine how far to travel and win the race against Hacker.
Cameron realizes that Ferris's plan to take off miles from the speedometer by pushing the pedal while in reverse isn't working. This clip can illustrate that distance cannot be a negative value.