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DW keeps a snowball in the freezer from the "best day of her life," but it goes missing. Arthur and his friends and family each recall what happened the day of the snowball's disappearance for each of their own point of view.
Bryce and Juli find it difficult to ignore each other while they have lunch with other people. This clip shows how the scene unfolds from their respective point of view.
The Earthlings consult with Chief about whether or not Sleight O' Hand stole Hacker's recharger key. Chief claims that Sleight looks like a triangle and thus committed the crime, but Inez suggests that there could be other suspects. She states that they should look at the evidence from every point of view because shapes look different at different angles. They revisit the video footage to determine if Sleight O' Hand is still a suspect.
Has profanity
Two brother-in-laws take their family on a joint vacation. On a quiet moment on the porch, we see two very different perspectives of the same beautiful lake and forest before them.
When Aang and his friends encounter a giant canyon, they are asked to guide two refugee tribes across. However, they face many issues due to the two tribes' long, bitter history. Both tribes retell their version of the story behind their feud.