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  • Cyberchase: Bar Graph of Bugs

    Matt and Inez show Ms. Fileshare a bar graph of the bugs in different sections of the Cybrary. Inez eplains how to read the graph. Their graph shows that, contrary to Vermin Vexer's claims, there are a lot of bugs in the History section. Hacker shows his own graph that suggests the opposite: the number of bugs in the History section isn't a problem. Ms. Fileshare trusts Vermin Vexer's graph over Matt and Inez's graph.

  • Square One Television: Elephant Graph

    Every week, the caveman counts the number of elephants he sees and plots them on a line graph.

  • Square One Television: Line Graphs

    Square One TV shows kids how to utilize line graphs to convey information. The woman in the commercial is offered a line graph so she may relieve her headache caused by trying to track her profits over time, all in her head.

  • Crash Course: Physics: Integration Graphs: Finding the Area Under the Curve

    This video describes area under a graph and integrals. The Crash Course expert also explains how you would find an integral using shapes under a curve on a graph.

  • Numb3rs: Virus Tracing using Graph Theory

    Charlie uses graph theory to trace back the origin person of the virus to narrow down who was patient zero and where it came from.