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The Bill of Rights, also known as the 10 Ammendments, were drafted from Virginia's Bill of Rights. The author of the Bill of Right, George Mason, wanted power to the states and decentralized federal government.
This song explains the meaning of exponents and how to calculate them.
Within the opening sequence and the classic couch gag the cameras out by powers of ten. This is anhomage to Charles and Ray Eames' classic film.
Scale is illustrated as the viewer is given a center of focus (the individuals who are picnicking) and slowly the field of view expands incremementally by the power of ten. Eventually, the field of view takes the viewer out of Planet Earth and extends to include other planets of the solar system. 
Starting from the hand of a sleeping man at a picnic, this clip investigates the structure of a cells in the hand and goes into more granular details to the scale at which the makeup of a single carbon atom is investigated.