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Dr. Cheever and Alan debate the severity of the virus and the steps taken to investigate it. Alan suspects that Dr. Cheever's organization is hiding knowledge because of a Facebook posted written by one of the organization's members. Alan then describes to the public an R0 of two. He indicates that the virus will grow at an exponential rate of 2, infecting a billion people within three months.
Rob explains several laws of exponents, including the inverse law. He provides many examples and highlights patterns to make the laws more concrete.
The Brain tells a "horror story" about exponential increase error, making references to trigonometric concepts such as the cosine function and sine curves.
In this clip, to determine the location of the sniper in each shooting, Charlie uses ballistic trajectory modelling. Exponential growth and regression to the mean are also briefly mentioned.
This song explains the meaning of exponents and how to calculate them.