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  • John Adams: Drafting of the Olive Branch Petition

    John Dickinson and John Adams dispute the approach they should take to restore their rights that England has violated. John Dickinson believes they should exhaust all peaceful options and convince the English Parliament to restore the rights via an Olive Branch petition. John Adams feels that the only way to restore their rights is to go to war because he feels England will continue to ignore the requests of the colonies.

  • John Adams: Olive Branch Petition

    Has profanity
    After the colonists sent the Olive Branch Petition to King George, they received a response known as the Proclamation of Rebellion. John Hancock reads the Proclamation, which declared some elements of the colonies in a state of rebellion. It served as a warning for those who were not loyal to the king and left the colonists less convinced that the king would resolve their disputes with England, leading to a movement towards declaring independence.