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  • Animaniacs: Who is on Stage?

    Slappy and Skippy get into a comical, yet confusing conversation about who is on stage at the performance. Slappy asks Skippy "Who is on stage?" and Skippy replies "Who is on stage?" Who is the name of the band, but to Slappy, the answer sounds like a question.

  • The Andy Griffith Show: Clarity of Communication

    We see here that Mr. Tucker is reflective on his stay in town. There is a moment of hesitation admist the rush of needing to be at his destination once his car is fixed. It is at this moment where Mr. Tucker realizes the importance of slowing down. While we can see here there is a lack of direct communication, there is still the sense of care and gratfulness from Mr. Tucker to the sherif and machanic who helped him is his stay until his car was fixed. Reflecting on how to communicate and be more verbal about feelings may be a takeaway despite the heart felt actions here.