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Jasmine gives an apple from a fruit stand to a hungry young boy. She is quickly accosted by the fruit stand owner for not paying for the product. When Jasmine states that she has no money, the owner is ready to take violent vengeance. Aladdin sees the commotion while admiring Jasmine from afar and quickly jumps in. He expresses his relief in finding Jasmine, who he claims to be his sister, and hastily pulls her away in order to escape danger.
Two street performers try to win the affection of a young boy, who wants to give money to the best performer. As it turns out, the young boy is a better performer than both of them.
Bart and Homer make a bet on Santa's Little Helper during the race and end up disappointed that they didn't select a winner. At the end of the day, while bemoaning their loss, they see Santa's Little Helper being chastized by its owner. A twist of fate causes them to bring the greyhound home for the holidays and welcome it to its forever home with them.
Has profanity
In this scene, Andy takes a drink before confronting his cheating wife. The scene cuts to the courtroom, where he is explaining to the prosecution what happened that night. Then, the scene cuts back to Andy's confrontation.
Garnet, who is a fusion of the 2 gems Sapphire and Ruby, recounts how she came to be.