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  • Numb3rs: Threat Assessment

    Not all motives are created equal. Don gives Charlie a long list of suspects with the same motive. Charlie uses an asymmetric threat assessment to see which of their suspects were the most affected by their motive and most likely to act.

  • Ratatouille: Remy Cooks Linguini's Soup

    Linguini catches Remy cooking a soup that he had started and traps Remy in a collander. Chef Skinner runs in to ask about the soup and is frustrated to learn that Linguini, a garbage boy, is cooking in the kitchen and proceeds to scolds him. The soup, not tasted by Linguini or the chef, is taken by another staff member to a food critic, to the concern of everyone in the kitchen. This is a great clip to demonstrate the importance of formative and summative assessment and the use of each type of assessment in daily life.

  • Wit: Medical Interview

    Has profanity
    Dr. Jason Posner conducts a medical interview with Professor Bearing before he continues with the rest of her gynecological check-up.

  • Numb3rs: Prisoner's Dilemma Example

    Has profanity
    Charlie and Don try to make the three suspects talk using the prisoner's dilemma. They convince one to turn on the other two by giving all three a risk assessment of who is the one who has more to lose by going to prison.

  • Wit: Popsicle Scene

    When faced with the concept of her own death, cancer patient Vivian Bearing must re-assess her life and decide if it has been a life well lived. Her nurse gives her options on what to do when her heart fails, and this clip reinforces the importance of human connection.