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Walt suggests to Jesse that they have finished their work for now because the reaction has begun. After Jesse asks Walt how long the reaction will take, Walt explains why having a freezer would speed up the reaction: because it's exothermic.
Beakman explains what a chemical reaction is and then shows examples of three kinds of reactions which he explains are like partnerships: synthesis (marriage), decomposition (divorce), and double displacement (do-si-do).
Rick tries to explain to Morty that what people call "love" is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed.
In this Science Max Quiz, Phil explains how to differentiate chemical and physical changes. He mentions that chemical changes produce new molecules, while physical changes don't. He includes several examples of both physical and chemical changes.
Phil explains how glow sticks product light: by combining two different chemicals. He maxes out the experiment and explains the chemical reaction in more detail.