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Mr. Wizard explains and demonstrates dynamic pressure.
Beakman demonstrates force and pressure with a balloon sitting on one nail with a brick on it (it pops) and then how it doesn't pop if you have more nails to distribute the pressure of the force. He shows how this also applies to cutting a tomato. Then Beakman lays on a bed of nails to prove it.
Phil conducts an experiment involving hot water, a flask, and an egg. He fills the flask with hot water, dumps out the water, then plugs the flask with the egg. Phil explains that the egg gets pulled into the flask by the difference in pressure outside and inside the flask. Phil then explains how to get the egg out of the flask: by increasing the pressure inside the flask using his breath.
Beakman uses a candle under a jar to draw up liquid in a dish in order to explain how air pressure is affected by heat.
Beakman heats up water and pours it into a bottle with a narrow neck then pours it out. Then he puts a hard boiled egg on top and it slips into the bottle due to differences in air pressure. Then he blows into the bottle and the egg pops out.