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When Marlin and Dory realize they are lost, Marlin starts to panic. Dory suggests they ask a whale for directions. After they receive no response from the whale while speaking English, Dory attempts to speak the whale's language.
Dory is on a quest with Marlin to help find Marlin's lost son, Nemo. In their adventures, Dory accidentally loses the important scuba mask that has the address of where Nemo may be.
Leonard successfully haggles down the price of the limited edition sword by not seeming too interested. Sheldon, on the other hand, is a great example of a poor haggler. 
Beakman demonstrates that marshmallows are less dense than the same amount of water and therefore, marshmallows float. Nails are heavier than the same amount of water so they sink. He then explains water displacement by getting into a tank of water. His DIY demo for this is making a aluminium boat that floats in a bowl of water but when you crush the aluminum foil into a square, it sinks because it couldnt' displace the water.