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  • Beakman's World: Basketball and Circuits

    Beakman explains how the prongs of cords are needed to complete the circuit of electrons flowing (electricity). He then does a skit where each member of a basketball team is an electron. They stand in a circle (to be a circuit) with Beakman as the battery. Beakman starts passing the ball (charge) around the circle and when the ball gets to the hoop, it goes in and lights the lightbulb. A player is removed and the circuit is broken so the bulb goes out. Beakman then explains how this relates to plugs, and then he demonstrates how a cord is actually two wires side by side to create the circuit to power an appliance.

  • Schoolhouse Rock!: Do the Circulation

    This catchy song introduces the viewer to the circulatory system and explains its basic function: to circulate blood. It also covers the four chambers of the heart.

  • Agora: Circles and Ellipses

    Hypatia of Alexandria explains that the center of a circle is always the same distance from any other point of the circle. She also states that a circle is a special type of ellipse.

  • The Odyssey: Circe, Goddess of Magic

    Has profanity
    Odysseus meets Circe after she has transformed some of his crew members to different species of animals. In order to turn his soldiers back to men, he must take her to bed. Circe's spell is broken right before some crew members eat Polites, who was transformed into a pig.

  • Science Insider: Circumference of the Earth

    How Eratosthenes measured the circumference of the Earth.