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George does very well in a job interview but is not told whether or not he is employed because his interview was interrupted by a phone call. George cannot inquire because of the positive comments his interviewer made during their meeting, so he faces a dilemma. He decides that the pros outweigh the benefits if he shows up to work.
Jerry does a cost -benefit analysis of installing illegal cable. He decides to commit the crime when he finds out there will be 75 televised Mets games on TV.
Jerry gets a bad haircut but refuses to change barbers because he is loyal. Eventually, he is convinced to leave his barber of 12 years for the barber's nephew. Bad quality doesn't persist in the marketplace; it is competed away. Perhaps the answer to bad haircuts is not more regulation, but more competition.
Has profanity
A Kenny Rogers Roaster restaurant opens across the street from Kramer. He can't stand the red glare from Kenny's neon sign, and moves into Jerry's apartment. But he becomes hooked on Kenny's chicken, and eventually accepts the red glare in exchange for access to the chicken. When Kenny's shuts down, the lights go out, and Kramer's overall welfare falls—the benefits of the chicken outweighed the cost of the glare.
George, Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer have a contest to see who can refrain from an unnamed activity the longest. Each posts a bond that they will lose if they are among the first three to indulge. Kramer makes it about 12 minutes. Elaine makes it a day or two.