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Food critic Anton Ego flashes back to his childhood when he tastes the ratatouille made by Remy. The dish reminds him of his mother's cooking.
Bubbles ponders which person at the party is guilty of hiding Octi. While thinking of suspects, she has flashbacks of moments when her sisters showed hostility towards her beloyed toy.
Gru tucks the girls into bed and flashes back to an unpleasant time in school when he tried to ask a girl out on a date.
Johnny Bravo goes down memory lane as he reminisces over his high school crush, Sandy Baker. He had deep admiration for her, as she was beautiful, well-rounded, and popular.
Ed's penpal sends him memorabilia from his home country. Rolf sees this memorabilia, and it reminds him of some trauma he experienced as a child. Rolf hurts the Eds in response, and they are confused as to what is wrong with Rolf.