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Beakman explains what the moon is and its shape. Liza dresses up as a giant moon while Lester shines a spotlight to act like the sun. Beakman is the Earth, and they show that, depending on where the moon is, it will change the light reflecting off of it. Therefore, we see different phases of the moon. To explain craters on the moon, Beakman sets up a large box of flour covered in paprika and drops a large rock into it to emulate space debris hitting the surface of the moon.
Fei Fei's mother sings a variation of the myth of the Chinese moon goddess, Chang'e.
Gru travels to the Moon and shrinks it using his shrink ray. After he changes the Moon's size, the effects on Earth are immediately evident: smaller ocean tides and less light at night.
Huckle wonders about life on the moon. They learn about all the different characteristics of what makes the moon unique.
Is there a big light switch in the sky? Does the sun disappear when the day is over? Listen and learn as the StoryBots sings about what makes night happen!