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Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the difference between climate and weather while walking on a beach with a dog. He mentions that climate is the weather of a region over a long period of time, while weather is short-term. He uses the dog's path to illustrate the variance of weather patterns and his own path to illustrate the consistency of climate.
We tackle the intersection of art and our changing climate. Throughout history, art has helped reveal the climate around us and highlight our fragile relationship to it. Sometimes, nothing can be done to protect our cultural heritage except completely closing it off like the cave painting in Lascaux France. Then there are the artworks created to reveal and highlight the fluctuations of our climate like Robert Smithson's spiral jetty. Today we look some artis that highlight this fragile relationship.
Bill Nye explains climate change and the impact it can have on the environment and our lives. He mentions consequences such as the rise in sea levels, an increase in temperature, and an increase in the occurrence of natural disasters. Bill states that, while humans may have contributed to climate change, they can also be part of the solution by reducing their carbon footprint through recycling, reusing items, and using less energy.
Sabrina describes both weather and climate then explains the difference between the two. She also provides several examples of different weather conditions.
Jack describes how extreme storms will affect the global climate. He also mentions that ice and snow will cover the Northern Hemisphere.