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Stevonnie, who is actually a fusion of Steven and Connie, is invited to a dance party, thinking she is going to have a great time, but they become overwhelmed by the situation. It doesn't help that an onlooker, Kevin, starts to flirt with them in a rude way.
Sister Bear is worried about third grade being much harder than second grade after Too Tall tells her it will be difficult. The rest of the family work together to convince her that she will be fine in her new class.
Gru tries to work up the courage to call Lucy, with some help. He practices to help relieve some of his anxiety surrounding the call.
Eddy misinterprets Nazz's babysitting as a date and is anxious during dinnertime. He struggles with basic communication at the dinner table, so Ed and Double D help him in a bizarre way.
Jordan enters the men's bathroom while Mitch is there and talks to him at a very rapid pace. She switches from topic to topic quickly and allegedly never sleeps. It is evident that Mitch is uncomfortable during the encounter.