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Chuckie bikes with new friends to try and fit in with them. He falls into a mud pit, and all the kids think he is cool for being so brave. Chuckie realizes he does not want to hang out with these kids and goes back to his real friends.
Gretchen explains the rules of the lunch table to Cady. The rules cover how each member of The Plastics should behave and dress on different days of the week. If an individual doesn't follow the rules, then that person will not be able to sit with The Plastics at lunch that day.
Stephanie says no to peer pressure when older girls are making her feel uncomfortable in the girls bathroom.
Eric visits Cory's class to give a talk on peer pressure. He shares that, next year when they move into seventh grade, there will be a large population of kids they have never met before who may think differently from them. Eric warns them that they may be pressured by their peers to make poor decisions.
Winston Chu talks to students and the Degrassi community alike about their thoughts on Party Pressure.