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The landlord changes the showerheads in all of the apartments, leaving Kramer, Jerry, and Newman with low pressure water. They turn to the black market to get the water pressure they need for a good shower.
Trumbo and his daughter talk about communism. When she asks him if she's also a communist, he gives her a quick test to determine if she has communist beliefs.
Robin and Dustin are trying to convince Erica to help them access a secured area. She's small enough to fit into a vent that they cannot fit into. Erica then explains why she loves the United States and capitalism: people get compensated for their services depending on how valuable they are. She states that she wants free ice cream for life as compensation for her services.
Eddy wants Rolf's egg, but Rolf won't give it up for free. Rolf offers to trade it for sawdust, which starts off the Eds' trading quest.
Beakman explains the history of money and how it started with bartering. He then goes on to explain how money is made today and how counterfeit money is prevented.